The return of the woodland

The return of the woodland

Hampden & Co presents ‘The Return Of The Woodland’, a five-part podcast series exploring the growing interest in large-scale tree-planting.

In this podcast series, experts from across the forestry sector share their expertise as we explore the importance of trees in tackling climate change, and what it takes to successfully create your own woodland. We also signpost the potential pitfalls and look at the help that is available through financing, government grants and the burgeoning carbon credits market.

Over the course of the 20-minute episodes, hear from an ambitious landowner who is leading the way in woodland creation, plus experts in land value, carbon credits, sustainability, impact measurement, woodland management and large-scale planting. We visit the pioneering Carrifran project in the Scottish Borders, a community woodland in East Lothian and encounter an innovative forager who distils spirits and liqueurs from birch sap. But crucially, we also discover the key steps to ensuring that your woodland project is a financial success.

You can find the series and subscribe to it on the link below, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and most of the other mainstream podcast platforms.

Thank you to our host, business journalist Fraser Allen and to all our guests for their excellent contributions to the series: James Oliver, Brendan Turvey from NatureScot, Nicola Hunt from Borders Forest Trust, Athole McKillop from Galbraith, Paula McGregor from Ecometrica, George Hepburne Scott from Forest Carbon, Duncan Buchanan from Hampden & Co, Neville Kilkenny from Gifford Community Woodland, Rupert Waites from Buck and Birch, and to voiceover artist Jenny Dunbar.