Client satisfaction survey: the results

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Client satisfaction survey: the results

Earlier this year we undertook a survey to ask clients about their experience of banking with us. We do this to understand how well we are performing from their perspective as we strive to help them achieve their aspirations. It also allows us, where necessary, to adjust our services to better meet their needs.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of how likely clients are to recommend the bank to a friend, family member or colleague. In this year’s survey, we received an overall NPS of 73, our highest score to date.

The average score across all respondents was 9.1 out of 10 while a significant 61% rated the bank 10 out of 10. We view these scores as a strong endorsement of our approach to serving the needs of our clients. The NPS result places Hampden & Co at the top of the UK financial services sector, where the average score as highlighted in one independent report is 441.

We also asked clients for their comments about the bank, and many highlighted their strong support.

“[Hampden & Co is the] first bank I have come across (in both a business and personal capacity) that took a considered view of my overall financial situation. Exceptional advice and customer care from my banker and subsequently, really responsive and helpful support from his assistant. Both are super engaging - and my sense is that Hampden & Co will be a trusted partner going forward.”

“Hampden & Co is unlike any bank. The level of professionalism, genuine kindness and discretion is by far the biggest asset the bank has. Its employees including my banker and his team have been 100% supportive of my bank needs.”

Thank you to all our clients who completed the survey and who provided comments on our service. We value the responses highly and welcome feedback at any time, whether through a formal survey such as this or on an ad hoc basis with your banker.