Personal Banking – For trusts

While we pride ourselves in providing exceptional personal service for our clients, this service extends beyond ‘normal’ personal banking. Many of our clients have banking needs for a range of different legal entities such as trusts, charities, partnerships or limited companies. Banking for trusts is a service that used to be readily available from a range of banks, but our clients and their professional advisers are telling us it is something that they are finding increasingly difficult to arrange. We are more than happy to provide these services, and have done so in ways that clients have found very helpful.

One example of this was when a prospective client called one of our Private Bankers first thing one Monday morning having asked seven other banks whether they would open an account for a Trust that he had recently set up to pay for the education of his grandchildren.  All of them said that they “didn’t do” trusts and that this was something they could not accommodate.  Our Private Banker was able to open the account to have it fully funded by mid-day on the Wednesday. Our client was sufficiently impressed to then move the rest of their personal banking to us due to the service received.

Banking for trusts frequently means becoming involved in emotionally-charged situations such as the management of a will after a bereavement. The ability of our Private Bankers to co-operate with a client’s solicitors, accountants and other advisers to create or administer trusts swiftly and sensitively has provided a level of support that is appreciated, and goes above and beyond what many have come to expect from a bank.

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