Frequently asked questions

To help provide more information about Private Banking and the services that Hampden & Co provides, we have summarised answers to some of the questions that we hear regularly.

If you would like to hear more about any of these, or discuss other elements of Hampden & Co, then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

"What is Private Banking?"

There is no uniform definition of what ‘Private Banking’ means, and the term derives, we believe, from when banks were owned by private individuals or families. The expression “Private Banking” is now typically used to describe banking services offered to affluent (sometimes described as “High Net Worth”) individuals and families. Private banks typically aim to provide a higher level of service than Retail or “High Street” banks – we certainly do.

"What is the difference between Private Banking and Wealth Management?"

These terms are frequently used interchangeably. To be more accurate however, Wealth Management, is a service offered by many Private Banks, and covers investment advice and management. There are a few Private Banks, such as Hampden & Co, that elect not to provide Wealth Management, but focus purely on providing banking services, including current accounts, deposit accounts and lending, including mortgages.

"How is Hampden & Co different from other Private Banks?"

Hampden & Co was created to provide a personal, professional banking service that successful individuals were finding harder and harder to find. All our clients have an individual Private Banker, who will look after their needs, and those of their family and business interests, if desired. As mentioned above, we focus purely on banking, and by doing so this enables our bankers to freely collaborate with our clients’ other professional advisers -such as Wealth Managers – without there being any conflict of interest

"Does Hampden & Co have a call centre?"

No, all of our clients have a named Private Banker, who they call or email directly.

"Does Hampden & Co offer Digital Banking?"

Yes, we have a digital banking service, including a mobile banking app, available for clients. We do however welcome many clients who choose not to bank online with us.

"Where is Hampden & Co based?"

We have an office in Mayfair in London and our head office is in Charlotte Square in Edinburgh, however our bankers travel nationwide to meet clients at either their places of work or at their homes

"Where does the name “Hampden & Co” come from?"

One of our cornerstone investors is the Hampden Group, with whom we share many traits as well as the “Hampden” name.

The name derives from John Hampden, who was a Westminster politician reputed to have been influential in preventing King Charles I from invading Scotland, and was killed in battle in 1643. His name was also adopted for the area in which the Scottish national football stadium, Hampden Park, is located.

"I am a UK citizen, but live overseas, am I able to bank with Hampden & Co?"

We are predominantly designed to serve the needs of clients who are UK Tax Resident.

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