Hampden & Co was founded by an experienced team that shared client frustrations with how banking in the UK was changing. These frustrations drove us to found the bank on four key principles, providing exceptional service, focusing purely on banking, collaborating with other professional advisers, and creating a service-centred culture.

With a vision to be the most respected Private Bank in the UK, Hampden & Co was designed to be a bank of which clients, shareholders and employees could be proud. Today, we work across the UK providing professional, face-to-face banking expertise to help clients, their families and their businesses. Clients can arrange to meet our Private Bankers at times and places convenient to them, and enjoy enduring, effective relationships.

Exceptional service

The most consistent and profound feedback from clients was their desire to have a bank that offered a genuinely personal service. Clients were looking to establish a relationship with a professional who could take the time to understand their unique circumstances, and then work with them to make day-to-day banking effortless, while planning creatively to help them achieve the important goals in their lives.

Focus on banking

When we were establishing Hampden & Co, many clients told us they like to keep their banking and investment activities separate, and that they would value a bank that focuses purely on providing banking services. That's why we only provide banking, and we tailor these services for the unique circumstance of every client.

Adviser collaboration

We do not offer any services that compete with other professional advisers such as Wealth Managers, Financial Advisers, Accountants and Lawyers. This enables us to work collaboratively with clients' other professional advisers to provide efficient and complete support. We have been delighted that this collaborative, professional approach has led to many professional advisers moving their banking to us.

Client service culture

A particular frustration that our clients share with us is the sense of being 'sold to' by their former bank. We believe that a sales culture, often supported by personal incentives, distracts bankers from offering the best service. At Hampden & Co, we are obsessive about the quality of service we offer, so none of our bankers has sales incentives.

If you want to find out more about our management team, board and shareholders please see our Investor Relations page.

Supporting the community we work in

At Hampden & Co we take seriously our responsibility about providing a positive contribution to the communities, and the society, we work in. Our primary contribution is through the creation of an organisation founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and service. Beyond our core business, we also support our community in a variety of ways, including:

  • Managing and minimising our environmental impact, including the fact that as a business we have never made use of single-use plastics
  • Supporting local charities
  • Working with our industry to build a sector that supports the communities we work in

Supporting The Community

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